Our Services

Homemaker / Companion

Meal Preparation
Light House Cleaning
Social Activities & Day Trips
Pet Friendly

Skilled Personal Care

Monitoring & Reporting
Medication Management
Medical Appointments
Exercise & Range of Motion

Hospice Services

Hospice care is personal care for the terminally ill. Quality In-Home Care Specialists understands that it is important that families have access to compassionate and supportive end of life services. That is why we focus not only on the care of the patient but their mental and emotional states as well. Hospice teams can include the patient’s doctor, nurse, caregiver, bereavement, and support staff. The team approach to hospice care makes certain all of the needs of the patient as well as the family are met.

Quality In-Home Care Specialists works with hospice providers and their nurses to provide the compassionate care and support you need to navigate the end of life transition.

Well Being / Safety Check

We will make a scheduled or unscheduled stop to check on the safety of your loved one. We can make sure food and hygiene accessories are available as well as check the safety of the surroundings. This service is ideal for clients that live in independent living facilities or those that want the security of knowing that their loved ones are safe.

Minimum Visit

This is a special visit designed to provide assistance with a bath or a shower, hair grooming, finger and toenails cleaned and filed, painted if you like, along with a good old fashioned foot rub. This service can be used for anything up to four hours and can be designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Sleep Over (12 hour night shift)

This service has been created to keep clients safe during the nighttime hours to prevent un-necessary falls due to being disoriented and groggy when getting up to use the restroom. The shift runs from 6:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. or any combination of time that works best for the client. Some domestic chores can be done before the client retires if desired.

Patient Advocacy

We advocate for our clients and their families to help them navigate the many challenges they may face to acquire quality in-home care.